transparent pla bottle 500ml

Our PLA bottle

bioplastic bottle for milk 1 liter green cap

Our PLA bottle are ideal for water, milk and juice.

We represent a USA-based company that manufactures a PLA bottle, caps, and labels. The plant-based compostable bottle is made out of Polylactic acid (PLA), a 100% biodegradable and recyclable material made out of NON-GMO plants (no genetically modified plants are used). No petroleum resources are needed for our products. Ideal for natural products like water, juice and dairy

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Biodegradable water bottles are better.

We have been producing PLA preforms for biodegradable water bottles since 2008. Our PLA bottle was selected as part of the “Green the Capital Initiative” by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the House of Representatives. Other US government buildings implemented a “closed-loop” program by taking the bottles to the USDA Beltsville Compost Facility in the state of Maryland. 

Bottle, cap, and the label must all be plant-based plastic to ensure that the waste stream can be properly processed in different “end of life” environments.

It took five years of trial and error to develop a plant-based closure, but our biodegradable water bottles, cap, and label are finally 100% plant-based. A product that can be processed in recycling, compost installations, boilers, and/or possibly digested in a digester that has been in continued research and development for almost a decade.

transparant background PLA juice bottle in hand

PLA bottle for juice

Biodegradable juice bottles made from plants are on the horizon. A plant-made bottle for a natural juice product is the ideal combination. We provide the PLA preforms and compostable plant-based closures for the bottles. Different neck sizes and different preform sizes for the plant-made bottles for juice can be made up to 2 liters.

PLA bottle for juice.

Plant-based bottles are ideal for cold-pressed fruit en vegetable juices. A PLA bottle is also used for HPP treatment of juices. 

bioplastic bottle for milk 1 liter green cap

PLA bottle for dairy

As far as we know, we may have been the first company in the world to develop plant-based PLA biodegradable milk bottles. All this more than 15 years ago. To this day, we still ask ourselves the same question—— “Why are organic and natural products actually packed in petroleum bottles?” It never had any logic behind it—and it still has no logic.