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Changing petroleum-based bottles into plant-based bottles.
We represent a manufacturer compostable bottles and preforms. Compostable, recyclable, burnable bottles for water, milk and juices. We believe in leaving future generations a healthier planet where consumer product packaging has a lower environmental impact, generates less waste, and is recyclable, compostable, and sustainable.  If you have questions and would like to know more about the work that is underway, contact us with the form below.
Do you need blowmolding equipment or plant-based packaging? Our partners can supply fully equipped bottling lines, plant-based foils and films, compostable cutlery and cups etcetera. as well as different plant-based resin. 

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Do you want to step away from fossil plastic bottles? We are a manufacturer of compostable bottles and like to support you in doing this. Let’s switch to biodegradable bottles together and make the world a greener place.
Biodegradable juice bottles made from plants are almost ready. We believe that a plant-made bottle for a natural juice product is the ideal combination. We provide the PLA preforms and compostable plant-based closures for the bottles. Different neck sizes (38mm and 28mm) and different preform sizes for the plant-made bottles for juice can be made up to 2 liters.