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Biodegradable water bottle

A biodegradable water bottle

We have been producing PLA preforms for compostable water bottles since 2008. Our compostable water bottles were selected as part of the “Green the Capital Initiative” by then Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the House of Representatives. Other US government buildings implemented a “closed-loop” program by taking the bottles to the USDA’ Beltsville, MD Compost Facility in the state of Maryland. At that time, however, a compostable cap had still eluded PLA bottle manufacturers.

At the moment, our PCO1810 preform and closure are ready for mass production. This 23.5-gram preform with a 28mm neck has a light blue color and is suitable for 500 ml. bottles. Let’s switch away from fossil plastic.

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Our plant-based bottles are made from PLA.Poly lactic acid is a bio-plastid made from NON-GMO sugarcane

biodegradable water preforms light blue

Within industrial composting, there is still a lot of uncertainty because there have been almost no bottles that have carried a compostable closure—until now. There is a lot of miscommunication about how to deal with plant-based packaging in the waste stream and some people think that every plant-based packaging simply composts in the wild. This is incorrect, there are different plant-based packaging and they do not compost the same. There are those that can compost in the wild and in water and some only compost in special circumstances such as in industrial composting facilities. In the case of our compostable water bottles, they compost in an industrial composting facility and multiple other options as well.

Because of all these points above, we, therefore, choose not to sell our biodegradable bottles with water in normal retail, but only in closed-loop venues. If you are interested in switching with your company or brand to a more sustainable bottle for water, please contact us. We are happy to look at the possibilities of how we can use our water bottles in a closed loop to make your company come into the 21st century of environmental awareness.

A biodegradable water bottle is better

In 2023, we will also start producing additional preforms to meet other bottling needs. The speed of that development will depend on the demand from the market and the bottlers who choose to join us. Of course, in addition to the different neck shapes, we will also produce different sizes preforms. This allows compostable water bottles from 0.33ml to 1.5 liters or larger to be blown with our plant-based preform.
We want to ensure that our bottles are always placed in venues where the correct end-of-life solution can occur. That is why we have chosen to only use our plant-based bottles in closed-loop locations. Our goal is to collect 90% of our bottles 90% of the time in order to process them properly.
We see that in normal retail it is difficult to create a good end of life for plant-based bottles. In normal retail, PET bottles are usually recycled separately or sorted out among the household waste. A PLA recycle flow in normal household waste has not yet been developed in most countries of the world, because the amount of PLA waste is still too small to be a factor to be dealt with.

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Our water bottles are ideal for closed loop location.
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A 100% plant-based plastic resort is possible with our biodegradable water bottle
biodegradable bottles on cruise ships

We distribute our plant-based compostable water bottles only within “closed-loop” venues

Our goal is to get 90% of the PLA bottles back after use, 90% of the time. Collecting the bottles and send them to the right end of life option. We, therefore, look at closed-loop locations for our products.

Why a biodegradable water bottle?

Do you want to lower your CO2 emission?
Have less single-use fossil plastic waste?
Have a great marketing tool and create a circular environment?

You are at the right place—at the right time. We would love to work with you to make the Earth a better place to live.

We choose our sites very carefully.

We want to ensure that our PLA bottles are processed in the correct end-of-life solution. This way we/you create the highest environmental impact with our PLA bottles. That is why we have chosen to only use our plant-based bottles of water in closed-loop locations. This ensures that there is a controlled way to arrange the end-of-life waste stream.

Our goal is to collect 90% of our bottles 90% of the time in order to process them with an “added value” end-of-life solution.

Our PLA bottles have multiple end-of-life solutions, and together with our clients, we look for the best one for their situation. We can use recycling, industrial composting, anaerobic digestion, incineration, and digesting machines as a solution.

Many locations are “closed-loop” by definition. Airports, airlines, cruise lines, corporate dining areas, catering companies, sports events, music events, island nations, military bases, universities, hotels, resorts, and restaurants.