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Other (compostable) products

biodegradable packaging

Other (compostable) products

With a large network of bio-plastic producers and other compostable plastic manufacturers, we can often meet the extra demand from our customers. We do not manufacture these compostable plant-based products ourselves, but arrange the right quality partners to deliver the required products. 

In addition to the various bottles, caps, labels we produce. We regularly receive requests from customers to supply additional “compostable” products for a complete closed-loop on location.  Products like foils, composting machines, cups, straws, cutlery, blow molding, and filling lines. 

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Our plant-based bottles are made from PLA.Poly lactic acid is a bio-plastid made from NON-GMO sugercane

Our Newest products

PLA - plant-based plates - trays - clamshell
PLA - plant-based plates - trays - clamshell
PLA - plant-based plates - trays - clamshell

Compostable Products

A Lot Of Different Compostable Products And Other Add-Ons.
There are 100ths different plant-based products on the market. With our network of worldwide manufacturers, we can supply a lot of compostable products.

With a wide range of suppliers and partners we can handle your request for compostable products and other relevant products like composting machines, collection material and complete blowmolding systems.

Are you in need of compostable productsand you need a high quality manufacturer that can deliver your needs, let’s get in touch.
We believe compostable products have so much benefits above the fossil plastic ones. Most of our products are not only compostable but also recyclable and safe to burn.

save the planet with plant-based

New design coming soon

A composting machine that can compost food waste and bio-plastic within 24-48 hours into grey water. More information? contact us.

PLA cups

Plant-based cups

Plant-based cups are ideal in combination with other compostable products. No more fossil plastic needed in your cantine or event.

compostable straws

Plant-based straws

Straws are one of the most polluted single-use plastics of all time. Make your straws from plant-based material and become greener.

compostable coffee capsules

Compostable coffeecups

No problems with finding a good end of life for coffee cups. Finally they can be made from 100% plant-based material.

compostable cutlery

Compostable cutlery

Closed-loop events can become fully fossil plastic free. Combine the PLA bottles with cutlery, plates and cups from PLA. 

recycling pla bottles

Collection material

Collect the PLA bottles, caps, and labels separately on location to create the perfect closed loop. 

biodegradable water preforms light blue

Bottling line

A large bottling line manufacturer is being a partner for many years. High-quality machine – with superb sevice.

pla resin one hand - to make white bioplastic bottles

These Plant-Based resins are a very good candidate for replacement of conventional plastics currently on the market, including PP, PE, PET and PS. It can be used in existing machineries and allows more energy efficient production due to lower temperature needs.
We offer this product for a wide range of applications, including film blowing, injection molding, thermoforming, bottle blowing and sheet extrusion.

Compostable resins - plant-based resins

Plant-Based Resins Made From Unique Renewable Ingredients. It is approved by “ TÜV” and complies with the EU standard EN 13432. This high-quality biopolymer is a renewable non-GMO raw material. It is biodegradable, compostable, and contributes to the reduction of microplastics on land and in the ocean. Compared to conventional plastics and paper, it has significantly lower CO²-emissions when incinerated and no toxic smoke.

Whilst other existing biomaterials exhibit one or more of this qualities, none of them combines all, making this high quality biopolymer the most versatile biomaterial available: renewable, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and convertible to bioenergy.


PLA resoins

Compostable Films

Compostable films are made from bio-polymers, such as starch or polylactic acid (PLA).

Most compostable films are considered compostable at an industrial level, so aren’t suitable for home composting like you might think. Whilst they’ll still break down in a home compost heap, they’d take longer than in industrial conditions.

When they do break down, they turn into water and CO2. Whilst the latter might seem like a negative, it often has a neutral effect on the environment. This is because the plant-based materials used to make the films absorbed CO2 in the first place. They also break down a lot quicker than biodegradable plastics.

biodegradable packaging
shrink wrapping compostable

Biodegradable Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap, also shrink film, is a material made up of a bio-polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering. Heat can be applied with a handheld heat gun (electric or gas), or the product and compostable films can pass through a heat tunnel on a conveyor.

With our compostable shrink wrap you can pack your plant-based product. No use of petroleum in your production and packaging department. Use it together with the compostable pallet wrapping and there is a full circle.
Let’s say goodbye to fossil plastic wrapping and step into the plant-based products.

stack of plant-based bottles

Compostable Pallet Wrapping

With plastic stretch wrap encasing almost every pallet sent from business to business around the world – it is estimated the number of pallets sent each year is now in the billions – With plant-based wrapping, we can remove one million tonnes of plastic from the environment. Normally fossil pallet wrapping is difficult to recycle and therefore ends up in landfills or incinerators. Better to use plant-based wrapping for this. so after use it can be composted. We have several partners that can prove the right roles for your machines. Or send rolls for hand wrapping.

compostable agricultural film

Compostable Agricultural Film

The laying of the film can be performed with the same equipment used for traditional plastic mulching films, being careful to reduce the tension of the roll during operation.
Benefits from the agricultural film;

Biodegradable in soil, No removal necessary, No disposal costs, No residues like traditional plastic in the field, An efficient alternative, in both agronomic and environmental terms to traditional plastic film, Saves time, no remove and dispose of film, Offers a family of grades fit for purpose

compostable bags

Compostable Bags

Is designed for use as a slight transparent material for bags. It is also used for making net material for fruit & vegetables, pouches as well as other applications needing good tensile properties. It is especially suitable for thin materials down to 10 microns. Made with a bio-degradable polymer combined with macromolecule materials such as plant starch and cellulose excluding non-degradable plastic such as PE, PP PVC, End of life in industrial composting conditions, it will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and wate